Lonely Existence

I cannot wait to be saved,
a damsel in distress.
For my bones would be bare,
my soul a complete undress.
I must learn to do,
whatever must be done,
and then my fate is mine alone,
I am the only one.

My House

Yup, it’s been awhile and I’ve been busy. My lastest venture is buying a townhouse in San Jose. It’s a three bedroom, fixer-upper with a nice large kitchen and the potential for a gas stove! Hooray!

My Kitchen with Retta

And it’s located right across from a big park, so the view is nice.

Living Room View

Wild West Dancer Cakes

Well, I’ve been busy and haven’t posted anything for a while, but thought these were worth mentioning. It’s my first real foray into cake decorating. My sister-in-law (who’s a FABULOUS cake decorator) sent me an Xtra Naughty Cakes book for Christmas and I’ve been trying to find a reason and the ambition to make one. So, I made several small ones for my friend Stacie’s birthday. She seemed both amused and vaguely offended. I call that a win!

Dancers Side View

This is one of my favorites.

An aerial view of all the wild west dancers.

This one was my favorite. I think it's the shoes and the bows.

You can see the entire time-consuming process here: Making Wild West Dancers. I learned a lot. =)


Sarah and I had a BLAST running around downtown San Jose as zombies. There were many other zombies at the free movie, but we left early to get drinks. We had a crew of about 10 or so fellow dead and shambled around. It was especially fun harassing the people eating in the restaurants. We would shuffle past the windows doing zombie things, chewing on each other’s arms, trying to eat their brains…


Arm Gnawing

Nailed Zombie

Addiction to Nerf

It all started with a fairly innocent purchase on Woot! Two USB rocket launchers for me and Joyce. Then, during the next Woot Off, we had to outfit the whole team. We were good. Fine. All happy.

Then Joyce brought in a spring loaded gun. Sarah and I retaliated with a shotgun (her) and dollar store, single shot dart guns.

Then my boss sends us this link: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1394288/the_great_office_war/

And Nerf envy was all that colored us. We had to have better weaponry. We HAD to.

And I have to say, I find Nerf guns more fun than anything else I have in years. There’s nothing quite like running around the house or work giggling as you try to sneak up on people and shoot them, only to get shot yourself and then duck away, laughing. I can’t remember ever being so happy. I may need stock in Nerf!

Soda Tab Purse

After having people save soda can tabs for me for a year, I decided to finally put them to use. Here’s what I ended up with.

Is it chainmail or is it memorex?

Is it chainmail or is it memorex?

Pirate Bunnies – We’re Taking Back Our Easter Candy

I decided that we needed hats at work for Easter this year. But they couldn’t be just any hats. They had to fit our personalities.

What other kind of Easter bunny is there?

What other kind of Easter bunny is there?

Now, give us back our candy!

Candee the Pole Dancer

When you’re feeling low, all you need is a little Candee.

Candee – Pole Dancer

I used to have her at work, but they made me take her home.

Best Job Ever Video

So, in my infinite wisdom and freak desire to do the strangest things, I decided to create a video and apply for the “Best Job Ever” on the great barrier reef. While I realize I don’t have a chance in hell at getting the position, I thought it would be fun to try. We’ll see what happens.

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

I hope all three of my readers will “vote” for me or whatever it is that needs to happen. I’ll put up a link to the video as soon as I know what it is.

The Perfect Dating Site

Finally, I’ve found the perfect site for meeting better quality men than my previous ones.

I found a date through zombie harmony - one of the best free dating sites for zombies
Created by Mingle2.com (Dating for non-zombies)

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