Stuff You Don’t Care About

And how much information do people actually give when writing pages about themselves? I’m old, fat and tired. I have a degree in lying (English-emphasis in fiction writing), at least that’s what my professors told me. I have minors in psychology and art (emphasis in abnormal psych and illustration). I also have certificates in Marketing and aspects of finance (which I suck at), so I’m a well rounded liar. But I can’t spell. Go figure.

I have a memory like a finely-tuned sieve. I will remember all the words to every song I hear, the plot line for every book and movie and phone numbers that I’ve accrued throughout my life time and no longer have, but I won’t remember your name for the life of me, so don’t be offended. I also get easily distracted. I don’t have ADD or ADHD or whatever the hell they call it these days, I just don’t have a great short term memory. If you know the joke about the Lord and the hereafter, I’m already there.

I’m recently single due to two years of stress, a priority shift and an asshole boyfriend who couldn’t look past his need to be the center of everything and always having fun. I’m a bit bitter and have a lot of anger and trust issues, but I’m trying to heal, so please bear with me. I do get grouchy and snappy, but I typically mean well and try to help anyone I can.

I believe in the golden rule, the one thing all religions seem to have in common and the one thing they all seem to ignore. Treat others as you would be treated. This is something I strive to do, but being a fallible human, sometimes I fail miserably.

I don’t have any pets or children. I like all animals. I tend to be a dog person, but cats are ok. I’m not as fond of reptiles or amphibians, but they don’t scare me. I do have several nieces and nephews who I hope to help grow up and make the world a better place. Did I mention I’m idealistic? I find that goes well with the sarcasm and jaded perspective. Not to mention the sharp tongue. =)

I don’t really do the online dating thing since I have trust issues. I like to meet people in person. I get a better feeling for the type of person they are. And being a “liar” myself, I can usually spot other liars, which creates more trust issues, but let’s not get into that…

And that’s all I can write for now because I’m cooking dinner tonight and need to get started. Oh, right. I’m an ok cook. I like to try new recipes that sometimes come out and sometimes don’t, usually depending upon my ability to locate all the necessary ingrediants in the house. If I can’t find them, I substitute, which usually works. Just ask about my purple lemon chicken…