Luau – They Do Still Dance the Hula in Hawaii

On Friday, we take our time waking up. We have tickets to the luau that night, the Aunt and Uncle are coming, and I have to get the tickets printed. Except I don’t have Internet or a printer. Crap! One task made more difficult. I resolve to talk to the manager later.

We go to the grotto and I use up my underwater film while snorkeling. There are a surprising amount of fish in the hotel’s private grotto. I figured there would only be one or two terrified fish, but no, there are tons of terrified fish to further frighten with a camera. We spend a couple hours lounging and swimming.

Private Grotto

Then we go shopping. We wander the stores and learn that you can send coconuts by mail. And decorate them. So, we do!

Decorating Coconuts

We also find extremely cool scrapbooks for this trip (yes, blogging is cool too, but not as easy to whip out at parties – don’t iPhone me! There’s also something satisfying about holding a book of memories). And then it’s time to head back to the hotel so I can figure out how to print the tickets.

On the way back, I see a coffee shop with free Internet. I go get coffee (I need some) and start chatting with the barista about the Internet and my ticket predicament. In an understanding mood, she allows me to use her computer and print the tickets there. She’s now my favorite person in the world and I tip her well.

So we go get ready for the Luau. We get our dresses and head down to meet the Aunt and Uncle. We’re all dressed in our Hawaiian finest.

Bridget & Me in Luau Garb

Hawaiian Finest

The best part is the open bar. We each get two drinks, get two for the Aunt and Uncle and wait for dinner. They dig up a kahlua pig, cooked in the traditional manner – in the ground. It smells tasty.

Kahlua Pig

We get our dinner, more drinks, and wait for the show. Which is fabulous. There are dancers and fire eaters and stories. We watch random audience members try to hula with hilarious results. We ogle the male dancers and get pictures. I even get to talk to the fire eater.

Me and the Luau BoysBridget and the Luau Boys

Then the Aunt and Uncle head home. Bridget and I head to the bar. We ogle the bartenders. We meet the most obnoxious nouveau-riche group of people who try to hook us up with their creepy friends. I have nothing against people who have made their money within their own lifetime. In fact, I applaud it. But don’t expect me to bow to your money. And don’t tell me your gorgeous niece is fat when she’s not (she was normal sized, but not anorexic which I guess she was supposed to be). We escape and try our luck at a local club (which fails miserably) then go to bed. It’s massages in the morning for us!

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