Christmas Day in Hawaii

Christmas day was just nice. Bridget and I got up, had breakfast with the Aunt and Uncle and then I had to go to church…again. Luckily it was a very pretty church and all during mass I could gaze out the window at the beautiful garden outside. It’s called the Painted Church and is apparently famous for its murals that were all painted with house paint.

Then we went home, opened presents and decided to go to the beach until dinner. The beach near the Aunt and Uncle’s house is black volcanic rock that’s been worn down to pebbles. In a few more thousand years, it may even be sand!

Bridget and I truly enjoyed basking in the sun on the beach during Christmas day. So much so that we had to call several people and let them know we were doing it.

After a few hours, we had to go back up a VERY steep hill to the house. We decided that was our exercise for the last few days combined. Then, we cooked dinner, which turned out tasty, and played golf (the card game). Uncle Eugene is a genius at this game and knows exactly how to mess with you. It’s great fun and easy.

Then we went to bed. Bridget and I had to get up the next day for our scuba excursion…

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