On Our Own – Coffee Tour

On the next day, we were on our own. We had a Jeep. We had vague directions. Woot! Let’s go!

We had to pick up our pictures, find our way around (vaguely), Bridget wanted to hit a beach (bloody sun worshiper!) and then we had to meet the Aunt and Uncle for candle light services at 6 p.m. So, we went. Did we take a change of clothes or get a cell phone number? Oh, no. Not us. We were on vacation. We knew where we were going!

In case I didn’t already mention, Uncle Eugene’s house is on a VERY steep hill. The kind you have to change your transmission for after a few years of driving in 1st gear. And his driveway is no better. It’s at about a 60 degree angle. Which means going up and down is a challenge. The first time I tried, Bridget got car sick because I had to roll all the way down before trying again (the parking space was also at a tight angle).

I headed down the driveway and up the hill. I think Bridget closed her eyes the entire way. At least for the driveway. We went to Costco. (Our postcards turned out fabulous and you should’ve gotten one by now. If not, you can order one at www.wewereinHawaiiandyouwerent.com). We went to K-Mart to find souvenirs (I blame Bridget). We drove to the beach and saw a random snowman. I don’t know how he got there. He just was. Bridget sunbathed while I played in the ocean.

I wanted to go on a coffee tour while on the island (come on, Kona coffee country!), so I called and made a 3p.m. appointment. Needless to say, we got lost. Really lost. On Napoopuoo road. Really. We hit the ocean and had to turn back (eventually you always hit the ocean, it’s an ISLAND). We finally found it and did the tour.

Our tour guide LOVED us. I think he wanted to take Bridget home and shtoop her. He would’ve settled for me (but I don’t really settle). We had great fun roasting coffee and acting melodramatic about it. We laughed and got free chocolate and a weird CD out of the experience, as well as our own roast of coffee and labels for it.

Then we went in search of dresses for the candle light, Christmas Eve services and the church. And we searched. We called Aunt Velma’s cell phone, but the number was wrong. We watched the sun set. We searched for the church. It was supposed to be on a hill with paper lanterns going up it. Very pretty, you can’t miss it (so we were told). We did. We went up every hill in town. No church.

We stopped for food. We got dresses we didn’t like much (it was Christmas Eve and only Wal-Mart was open with it’s mumu dresses). We looked for the church. We drove around.

Then, frustrated and cranky, we did what we all eventually do. We gave up and headed back to the Aunt and Uncle’s ready to bear whatever wrath the dealt out.

And as we drove toward home, we saw it. A Baptist church on the hill with paper luminaries. We screeched into the parking lot and ran inside, hoping no one would notice we were late. We saw the Aunt and Uncle in the front row. We sat in the back and tried to look inconspicuous.

Five minutes later, the lights came up and everyone was invited out back to dessert and coffee. We waited for the Aunt and Uncle, who didn’t seem to notice how late we were. We told them how sorry we were, we got lost. They were just happy we made it at all (they got to show us off to their friends). We ate a TON of surgary snacks. I drank coffee. Then we went home and waited for Christmas day.

Oh, Santa, I haven’t been very good, but can I sit on your lap and tell you what I want anyway?

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