Evil Hawaiian Plan

We wake up late the next morning, bleary eyed…well, ok, Bridget slept late. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t sleep when on vacation. I’m afraid I’ll miss something fun or some such nonsense, so I tend to be the last to go to bed and the first one up. I wasn’t first this particular morning, but I was up pretty early, rambled about our room (with a view!) for a while, read and finally wandered upstairs to the kitchen when I smelled coffee.

The interesting thing about Uncle Eugene’s house is that it’s entirely dependent on rain water for all plumbing purposes. You CAN drink it, but it’s not really recommended. It also smells just a touch sulfiric (go figure, being near a volcano and all). Plus, it’s heated solarly, which means in the morning (when I tend to shower) there isn’t much hot water (or even tepid water). So showers are short.

Bridget finally wakes up. She’s on restricted activity for the day, so we have to do low-key adventures. After chatting with the Aunt and Uncle, we settle on them chauffering us around the area. Plus, we have to put our evil Christmas card plan into action.

The PLAN: Find someplace uniquely Hawaiian that obviously shows us in Hawaii. Get Hawaiian dresses and santa hats. Get picture taken. Take picture to Costco and insert in Holiday card. Get cards made up. Send out to make sure everyone is totally jealous of our Hawaiian adventure.

We ask Uncle Eugene about a Christmassy spot. He has the perfect place he says. And it was beautiful, but not quite what Bridget and I wanted for our cards (who knew pointsettias got that big!). We head over to the local Wal-Mart (they’re everywhere) to pick up some things we forgot (plus Bridget wants to get soveniers there) and some of the stuff we want for the picture. We get dresses (unfortunately, they didn’t have fitted dresses, only the mumu variety). We get hats and some jewelry (that’s mostly me). We ask our Aunt about welcome signs in the area. She suggests Palani road (which ended up to be the one road Bridget and I could find without problem…sometimes without MEANING to). And it’s perfect.

We hike out, take pictures and then drive over to Costco. We buy coffee (Retta’s suggestion and desire), chocolate and lots of other stuff. We figure out the card details. We can pick them up tomorrow. Yay! The plan is underway!

Then we go eat. It’s a diner-like restaurant with decent food and two fairly good looking guys (the cook and the host, who might also be an owner, hard to say. He was VERY solicitous though) who stop by the table and chat with us several times. I think they wanted Bridget, who was very flirty that day.

We drove along the coast, saw our future hotel, was shown Aunt Velma’s church and saw our first Hawaiian sunset (we looked for the green flash, but didn’t see it).

Finally, we went back to the Aunt and Uncle’s, sorted out souveniers, made dinner and went to bed. Well, ok, I read for a while, called people, made plans for Christmas Eve day and shaved my legs while the water was still warm. But Bridget went to bed.

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