I recently had someone ask me to “define my spirituality”. This is what I decided it is.

I believe in God. I don’t think our brains can quite encompass all that God is and God is different for everyone. I believe that all religions boil down to the basic precept of be good to each other. Be good to those you love, and those who love you (they may not always be the same people). Good does not always mean nice. Laugh at life’s absurdities. Appreciate nature for all her glory, she works hard to show us the mysteries of life. Appreciate man for his creative ingenuity. For good or bad results, we are amazing creatures. Respect and trust are earned, not a free privilege as many assume. Listen.

That’s it. Any more than that, and it gets too complicated to remember.

Please leave a $1 in the basket to save your seat on the train to hell…I mean to save your soul.

Costume Time

It’s Halloween time already. I haven’t even finished posting about my UK trip and now I’m neck-deep in costume creation. Someday, I’ll finish the story. But now, I’m trying to figure out exactly what a “bearzilla” is…