Although I’ve gotten away from doing Fanime with my sister these past few years, I decided that this year I would attend again, since I didn’t have an annoying Ass to try to keep happy while trying to have fun myself. Retta and I stayed at the Crowne Plaza, which is a horrible hotel to stay at (the food is mediocre, the amenities are iffy, and the prices are much too high for what they offer), but served its purpose as a crashing point.

I put together a costume for the weekend, nothing anyone attending would recognize (all part of our drinking game), and wore it all weekend, much do the dismay of my ribcage.

Dark Angel

Retta and I had fun, saw lots of interesting new anime, lots of cool costumes, played our drinking game (which, it turns out, is actually against con rules – no alcohol allowed – I don’t know what they’re thinking, I personally think they need a bar area for the over 30 crowd), and had our ears bleed from wandering into the kareoke room at the wrong time while waiting for a friend to finish her shift. (There really needs to be a law against middle-aged women trying to “sing” like barking dogs – really). Oh, and hopefully next year those youngsters who spent all their money on the little plastic toy that they just HAD to HAVE will buy a clue and not ask random people for money because they’re stupid.

Next year we plan to attend again, but stay at the Marriott, which DOES have a bar area and really good food, catering to our much more refined palates (more so than the creatins who probably stayed there and couldn’t even afford to eat the food).

Cinco de Mayo

Due to the events of the past few months, my friend Heather asked if I was going to miss throwing the annual Cinco de Mayo barbeque that I used to co-host. After thinking about it, I said, yes, I probably was, even though, originally, it was The Ass’s celebration, not mine. So, we decided to throw our own party.

The preparations went through several changes, including the event site and food. It ended up at Serra Park during the afternoon. We each invited our own set of friends, many with children.
And though it was a lot of work, it was a lot of fun. We had wind challenges, a pinata that wouldn’t break open, food that was incredibly good, and lots of extremely dangerous sangria (which I drank a lot of)!

Thanks to all who came for making it such a great time. =)