April Fool’s Coffee

I like this little, independently owned coffee shop called Barefoot Coffee. They have all the wacky trappings that come with your typical coffee shop (WiFi, comfy couches, baristas with really strange hair cuts and colors who actually have personalities) as well as some REALLY tasty coffee, which is really why I go there. They also allow you to wander up to the counter and order whatever the barista feels like making for you. It’s actually on the menu. You can even say, I want something spicy or something chocolate and they’ll try to whip something up for you along those guidelines. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, give them a whirl.

Anyway, I went there yesterday and I noticed that they were all wearing Starbucks logos on their shirts or hats and another printed logo was half-covering their own logo behind the counter. Forgetting what day it was, like the total idiot I sometimes am, I had to ask, what’s with all the Starbucks propaganda?

Apparently, the owner made a deal with the Starbucks across the street for April Fool’s day. So, yesterday, Barefoot pretended to be Starbucks and even served Starbucks espresso as their “guest” espresso. If you went to Starbucks (and asked really nicely, according to the barista) they would serve you Barefoot espresso as the “guest” espresso. Who says Starbucks doesn’t have a sense of humor?