Deb’s Visit

So, this weekend, my college roommate came out to visit and we decided to get into trouble for three days. =) We went to the bars on Thursday night, took the train to SF on Friday where we visited the MOMA (museum of modern art) and wandered around downtown. We had a lovely dinner at the Monte Cristo Cafe where we drank two bottles of wine, then found a comedy club while looking for a decent Irish pub and ended up seeing comedians instead of just drinking to the famous Irish exterminator (St. Pat). Afterward, we managed to walk through a crime scene, but we didn’t know it at the time.

We then met up with Retta and Keith who had atended a play in SF that night and who were kind enough to drive our drunk butts home. My friend even drunk dialed my “stalker” (the guy to whom I’ve made clear he hasn’t a chance in hell with me but continues to hope I’ll change my mind). Then my sister confiscated my phone in fear that I’d be desperate (drunk) enough to try to hook up with him (will NEVER happen, he’s nice, but not my type). I don’t think either Retta or Keith were in the mood for the over exuberant enthusiasm for irresponsibility we had going on that night. Neither were very amused.

On Saturday, we went wine tasting in the Santa Cruz mountains and bought WAY too much wine. It’ll take me at least a week (month or two, probably longer, but a week sounds better) to drink it all. Then we went out to dinner and tried to hit a pub for that famous Irish exterminator again. We had a few drinks and did a little dancing, but it got very crowded in a short amount of time and I’m sad to say that we gave up before midnight (I know, what party whimps we are).

Today (Sunday), we went to a lovely spa (the same one from my birthday, I had to share) and got pampered a bit. It helped us get over the three days of drinking and over doing it. Tomorrow, I take her to the airport and then get to do all the chores I should’ve been doing over the weekend. And I need to work out since I’ve spent the last three days eating and drinking! But it was a lovely time and I’d do it all again.

Getting “Tied Up”

So, last weekend I went to Wondercon, which is a comic book convention. I went with with Retta, who was working the convention, giving me a lovely “home base” in the dealer’s room from which to explore the convention. There were several killer costumes there as well as the always present costumes that people just shouldn’t be wearing. But my favorite part was the corset dealer, whom I visited early in the day.

I heard that his booth existed and went looking for it. When I found it, his first words were “May I tie you up?” This is his typical greeting to patrons and a fitting one. I think he was a bit surprised when I told him he better! So, he took my measurements and before I could think too much or take a last deep breath, I was being laced up and squished into a much more flattering shape, I must say. With the cleavage top I was wearing and the hot shoes I brought, all I was missing was a mini-skirt or tight leather pants and the outfit would’ve been perfect! But, no such luck, as you can see.

So, I spent the rest of the day in a corset and had a few random guys ask to take my picture, which was flattering. It was fun. Now I just need to find a good reason to wear it again…