I knew this birthday was going to be a tough one, the first without my mom, and I missed her terribly. But I wasn’t prepared for how much it hurt not to hear from the asshole ex. Not even a happy birthday text message or email.

That being said, the day itself was lovely. I got pampered at a spa, I saw Pan’s Labyrinth and ate at Morton’s Steak House, which had excellent food and drinks that were WAY potent. Retta and I only had two, but it was enough to tipsify and I made Keith drive our drunken butts home. I also got birthday calls from friends and family, which always make me happy.

My co-workers took me out to lunch the next day, which I enjoyed, but my favorite surprise was when my Brit called from the UK to wish me a happy birthday. I’m not even sure who from work told him, but it really made my day and erased some of the hurt away. Then, of course, he had to mention, with his sexy accent, that he was naked, in bed, getting ready for sleep. Brat! Which made me laugh and wish I were there.

All in all, a wonderful birthday. Thank you to those who made it better than I expected.